Allow us first to congratulate you on your engagement. Now the fun and hard work begins to plan the wedding, dates, venues, dresses, food, the cake, flowers, and your wedding photographer. Well the list continues, and while you still have a lot to do, you can put your mind at ease when you choose Hudson Photography as your wedding photographers.

What sets us apart and what do we offer you:

  • We are a boutique store with our own studios and everything is done in-house. We do the consultations, the photography from two of our photographers, the past processing, back up, albums and galleries.
  • Meeting with us, you are introduced to the whole team and you can choose whom you would prefer to work with. You understand each photographer’s personality, perspectives, and unique styles and full portfolios are given to you on each one of our professionals.
  • You get two professionals at your shoot, unless you prefer only one, but with one male and one female do you get the talent, experience, and skills of two professionals. The one compliments the other, which makes for creative, unique, and interesting photography.
  • Our post processing is meticulous and we spend long hours on highlighting, color correcting, retouching and reviewing each picture captured.
  • We work fast and even if it is a time-intensive and detailed package, we guarantee delivery in under four weeks maximum. Typically our processing and album compiling takes two weeks maximum, without compromising on quality.
  • After consultation and choice of photographers are concluded, we remain engaged and will check in with you regularly for any way we could assist you with pre wedding photography.
  • We scout your location before your wedding and everything will be in place.
  • Our services are the most unobtrusive you will find, yet capture non-stop to get each defining and spontaneous moment.
  • Once all your photos are processes we place them for you in a password-protected gallery online, and you are ready to start sharing with loved one, family, and friends.
  • We deliver each captured picture and prior to starting your wedding album, we contact you, and your package will be delivered as discussed.