We take this opportunity to tell you a bit about us and how we started and how we became the professionals, we are today. I have loved photography since I can remember and continue to grow as photographer and learn more each day.

My team and I all believe in the utmost power of visuals and use it as a language to portray and see into the lives and loves of others. This is something we do frame by frame and where I thought I was the most passionate person where photography was, concerned I was incredibly lucky and fortunate to have met my fellow photographers who are now part of Hudson Photography.

Each photo taken and produced are completed with the best quality in mind, after all our photographs are what makes us stand out from the crowd and make us who we are.

I am Mark Hudson and together with my brother, Thomas Hudson we started this operation early on in our photography careers, but have grown exponentially and this is where we are today. A team of eight photographers and two videographers.

Our specialty is wedding photography, but when time allows we also do special requests, which include portraits and family albums. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our packages and services, you are more than welcome to contact us and discuss your project or wedding with us. We have on several occasions done longer shoots, which took place over weekends and several days both in preparation of the wedding and even Post-wedding honeymoon shooting.

Our work has appeared in large magazines both online and offline and included in our portfolio is several high-profile weddings which we are incredibly proud off. As a team have, we won an honors award for wedding Pictures of the Year as well as Visual Communications Arts.

We thank you for taken an interest in us and for visiting our website and we sure do look forward to hear from you. Please take note that all weddings and photo events must please be booked well in advance in order to make sure we have photographers available for your special day or even days.

We do work out your packages and give you’re a clear price on what the payment would be and you will not get a surprise at the end of the day, as we also assure you that apart from being the best, are we also very affordable.